XAMPP vs WAMP – Quick Introduction

xampp vs wamp
xampp vs wamp side by side comparison

Through out my experience in web development, I always had a question in my mind ” Which one is better? ” XAMPP or WAMP Server. For that reason, I decided to make a comparison of xampp vs wamp. WAMP and XAMP are both free to download softwares, and are used for running local-web server on your Laptop and PCs. Both of them consist of an APACHE Server,PHP and MySQL for developing and running websites locally. WordPress users mostly have a local version of their website where they create articles, edit themes and try new plugins, before finally uploading them on their online website.

XAMPP vs WAMP – Quick Comparison


  1. Works on Windows/Linux and MAC
  2. Has a simple clean Interface. Good for beginners
  3. Package contains Apache, PHP, MySql and Perl.
  4. Has more extensions than WAMP.


  1. Works on Windows and Linux only.
  2. Has simple interface with more options, good for programmers.
  3. Package does not contain Perl. Only contains Apache,PHP and MySql.
  4. Has fewer extensions than XAMPP.

XAMPP vs WAMP – Installation Comparison

Both these softwares are easy to Install. I have made separate tutorials on how to install xampp server and how to install wampserver .You can check them out, these tutorials also have the software download links. Just download whichever one you like and follow the procedure.

Moving on to the difference, you will notice that XAMPP supports operating systems like Windows,Linux and MAC. But WAMP only runs on Windows and Linux. If you are a MAC user, you will have to download MAMP software that is the wamp alternate for MAC. I would suggest that you just go for XAMPP, because that works pretty well for MAC. Hope this helps all the MAC users out there.

XAMPP vs WAMP – Interface Comparison


xampp vs wamp - xampp-interface

The XAMPP Interface is quite simple, by default you have Apache and MySQL options enabled. Simply click the start button of these options to start their services. Now you can work on your PHP/Web Projects. XAMPP also provides it’s users with Tomcat, Mercury and FileZila services but since all my work is on PHP, so I have never used them.


xampp vs wamp - Wamp Interface

When you install Wamp, an icon appears on your taskbar. Left-click the icon and the wamp menu, as shown on the left, appears. Wamp Interface gives the user more control, you can edit Apache files,PHP and MySQL files from here.

To start Wamp services, click the “Start All Services” option and notice the color of wamp icon change from Red to Orange to Green. There is also a stop and restart option. Personally, however, I think the wamp interface is a bit cramped and there are too many options in too small a space for beginners.

XAMPP vs WAMP – Standard Packages and Extensions

Standard Package:

As I have mentioned earlier, xampp package includes apache server + php + mysql + perl services. In comparison, the wamp package loses in perl but contains apache server + php + mysql services.


This is where the major difference lies between the two, xampp and wamp. Both provide adons/extensions to their user. While wamp only offers PHP adons, xampp offers much more flexibility to the user. XAMPP can work with WordPress, Drupal, Magento , PrestaShop and much more.


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  2. Good article. One note, the links for the download sites for ” XAMPP or WAMP Server. ” are reversed (the link for XAMPP goes to the WAMP site and vice versa).