Hi and welcome to our website tutorialgear.com. Today I am going to create a comparison about two of the most popular free code editors out there in market. Last time @Bilal wrote an article about “6 most popular code editors of 2017” which is really really interesting and informative. This article is a continuation of bilal’s article and the reason is simple. We received some requests from our viewers that we should make a comparison about the Visual Studio Code ( developed by Microsoft ) with Atom which is backed by the git community. So without further adieu lets get started.


This article is comprised of two sections. A brief comparison and a detailed comparison.

Visual Studio Code vs Atom - Brief Comparison

Visual Studio Code

  • Loads Faster
  • Better performance on large sized files
  • Has Git Integration
  • Closed Source ( Microsoft )
  • Really basic interface
  • Lots and lots of extensions available
  • Great extensions for Javascript libraries


  • Slower startup
  • Again, slows down considerably on large files
  • Has Git Integration
  • Open Source and customizable
  • Interface comes with alot of options
  • Extendable but less extensions compared to VSC.
  • Provides best support for Arduino

Visual Studio Code vs Atom - Detailed Comparison


This is one of the major differences between the two competitors. To put it in few words, I would say – Atom is slow. The best feature about Visual Studio Code against Atom is the time it takes to start-up. Visual Studio Code is faster not only in startup time but it also loads files of 2Mb size or more in much time than Atom. Atom on the other hand takes too long. If you are on a deadline this speed difference makes quite a difference.

Git Integration

Both Atom and Visual Studio Code provide git integration which is great if you work in a collaborative environment. They both are more or less same the same. I personally feel like Visual Studio Code in this aspect but there’s not much difference.


If you a bit picky about the way your code editor should look and require customizability then I recommend going for Atom. Atom is open source and boasts a big online community. It comes with different themes, is extendable and you can literally create your own environment with it’s built-in package management. Just add or remove different packages to meet your requirements. Visual Studio Code on the other hand is a Microsoft product, is closed source.

Although Visual Studio Code offers a huge bundle of extensions but it’s interface and the look and feel are generally less customizable.


Both Atom and Visual Studio Code offer their users a large number of extensions to meet their needs. So how do we distinguish which one is better and which is not?. The answer is simple, if you are a php/javascript developer than I recommend going for Visual Studio Code. On the other hand, if you work on Arduino Apps than go for Atom. In all other cases I personally prefer Visual Studio Code rather than Atom. It provides great plugins for C#, PHP, Javascript, JSON and has excellent syntax highlighting.

So there you have it, a brief and detailed comparison of Atom vs Visual Studio Code. Both have their own pros and cons. If you can get around the speed factor than Atom is really great and offers a more customizable environment while Visual Studio Code is faster and comes with more extensions.

I hope you guys liked this article, if there is something I missed or something you disagree with then leave a comment below. Your feedback is really appreciated 🙂