Welcome to tutorialgear.com, today we are going to discuss about the Top 7 Front End Development Tools. This list includes not only the top code-editors for front-end design but, we also highlight some in-demand styling frameworks and scripting technologies.

Front end development tools

  1. Sublime Text:

Category: Code Editor

Sublime Text front end development tools

Sublime Text is a first-rate code editor. It is very well designed, super-efficient, and has a super speedy user-interface. Likewise, there are other tools having same functionality but, the best and most popular is sublime text.


It is full of features. For example find/replace, double cursor, and also editing file over ssh/ftp. Even more, it is also very stable and does not crash even you are working on most complex project. Most importantly, sublime text is cross platform. Also, it is very simple to install a plugin. Many parts of editor are implemented as plugin.

Alternatives Code Editors:

Lets face it, although sublime is one of the best code editors in all front end development tools, but there are other equally good alternatives available. Below is a list of other code-editors you might like. I have listed them according to my preferences.

A- Notepad++
B- Dreamweaver
C- Visual Studio Code
D- Visual Studio Professional ( latest version )
E- Gedit

You can also check Html and XML code editors.

  1. Chrome Developer Tools:

Category: browser

Chrome front end development tools

Chrome developer tool is better than several other front end development tools. It basically helps you to edit in real-time. Also developer can access easily into any part of his website. Above all, an update is released after every 6 months by Google. Even more, it is used for analyzing your website performance.


Chrome Developer Alternatives:

If you are a regular user of chrome browser, then it is the best tool out there. However, that is not the case for people who prefer other browsers therefore, I have listed down different browsers that I know and their alternatives to Chrome Developer Tool.

A – Firefox : Firefox Developer Tools
B – Safari   : Safari Developer Tools

  1. jQuery:

Category: Scripting language

Front end development Scripting language jQuery

JavaScript is the most popular scripting language but, it has some issues like browser inconsistencies also sometimes complicated. Also it has unapproachable syntax.

In 2006, jQuery provides high speed performance and is a cross platform JavaScript library. It overcame those browser inconsistencies. Even more, jQuery allowed users to create stylish animations. Also it provides massive support for plugins and navigating the website. As a result, by 2015, jQuery had become the most popular JavaScript library.

Most of the popular websites these days either use jQuery and AngularJs (discussed later) for creating interactive and dynamic websites.


JQuery Alternatives:

Although JQuery is one of the best front end development tools, but that does not mean there are no alternatives to this language. I suggest readers to go through this great article about Top 5 JQuery Alternatives .

  1. GitHub:

Category: Code Editor / Online Repository

Github front end development tools

GitHub is home to the world’s largest community of developers and their projects.  From open source to business, you can host and review code, manage projects, and build software alongside millions of other developers.

The best feature of GitHub are listed as follows:

  1. Rollback Code
  2. Parallel Programming
  3. Rich Open-Source Development Community.

GitHub professionals are in high demand in the development industry.

  1. Twitter Bootstrap:

Category: Front-end Framework

Front-end framework Bootstrap logo

Twitter Bootstrap is commonly known as Bootstrap. Above all, it is the best UI framework available for developing interactive and user friendly front-end design. Most noteworthy, this framework provides a complete set of tools to build modal objects, add JavaScript plugins, normalize stylesheets. For the reason that, Bootstrap’s rich components and their pre-defined style and behavior cuts down the development time and lines of code needed to build your project.


  1. AngularJs:

Category: Scripting Framework

Scripting framework AngularJs a Scripting Framework Logo

AngularJs is the most in-demand scripting framework for creating neat and clean, easy to maintain, also easily customizable web designs. Even more, AngularJS was developed by Google hence, you can count on it to be a stable framework with a lot of online help available.

AngularJs is powerful and provides great control over HTML DOM structure to designers. Most noteworthy feature about AngularJs is the ability to write front-end code based on MVC approach.


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  1. Sass:

Category: Front-end styling language

Sass front-end styling language

Sass is great for writing DRY ( “Don’t Repeat Yourself ” ) CSS. Sass allows programmers to write maintainable, readable code. Also it greatly cuts down on the lines of code. Even more, sass is the most popular CSS preprocessor. It is open source and has a great combination of variables, nesting which renders your compiled CSS. Therefore, I think Sass gives a big boost to the skill-set of front end developers and is great to work with.

There is a flip-side to all these features however, that is to say that learning sass is a bit tricky and initially it requires a bit more time and effort.


Finally, I hope you like this article about tools for front-end development. Don’t forget to comment your opinion in case you have some questions or suggestions.

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