Hi everyone, welcome to tutorialgear.com. In my previous article I discussed about 6 best code editors for web development 2017. Today the topic is little bit more interesting, its top 5 Php frameworks 2017.

5 Best Php Frameworks of 2017

According to my research following are the top 5 php frameworks 2017.

  • Laravel
  • Symfony
  • CodeIgniter
  • CakePHP
  • Zend Framework

Popularity of Php frameworks – GOOGLE TRENDS

First of all i would like to show you the Google’s trend of last 5 years:

top 5 php framework 20171. Laravel

laravel php frameworkTaylor Otwell created Laravel on June 2011. It is free and open source PHP framework. Laravel follows model-view-controller (MVC) architecture pattern. It was the most popular framework in 2015. There are a lot of features in laravel. I will discuss here the most important ones. One of the important features of laravel is that, it is very helpful in unit testing. Also it has a very good query builder, you can write your database query very fluently. Above all, laravel has object oriented libraries which differs it from any other PHP framework. Moreover, It has its own command line tool called Artisan.


2. Symfony

symfony logoSymfony is a free PHP framework, which released in October, 2005. Main aim of symfony is to speedup the development of web applications and also maintenance of those. Symfony is very flexible, fast and very easy to use. It has three independent components, Full Stack, Brick by Brick and Microframework. Full stack is for complex applications, Brick by brick covers selective functionalities and Microframework is for only specific functionality which you want to include in you projects. It is available in all three components. Due to its high popularity, you can find a lot of help over the internet. Moreover it has a very good debugging tool. Like laravel, unit testing is very easy in Symfony.


3. CodeIgniter

codeigniter logoElliLab created codeigniter on February 2006. It is an open source PHP framework and mainly used for developing dynamic websites. It follows MVC approach but that is optional. The main thing which differs codeigniter from any other framework is its speed. You can easily install it without any commands or software. It is the most simple framework, that is why it is very easy to use and understand. Moreover, CI has its own security tool. You can write code for any type of database using CI. It has also very good documentation as well.


4. CakePHP

cakephpCakePHP is an open-source framework. It is developed by cake software foundation, Inc in 2005. CakePHP follows MVC approach, and it is based on Ruby on Rails concept. You can develop fast and secure web applications with very less code. It is best for commercial web sites. Many popular companies uses cakePHP and it has large no. of clients. Moreover, It has zero configuration. Also it has a very good documentation.


5. Zend Framework

zend logoZend is an open source PHP framework which is implemented in PHP5. Zend technology developed it in 2006. It is basically a bundle of different packages and each one is for different kind of task. Zend is fully object oriented framework so that is covers many object oriented concept including inheritance and interfaces. Moreover, it has a lot of component such as validation and forms, which make Zend more powerful framework. It follows test driven approach which restrict developers to think any possible use cases, to list down input and output, and also to make it easy to pass code to another person.


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