Hi everyone, In my previous article we discussed a brief comparison of vue.js and angularJS. Today, I am going to make a comparison of reactJS vs AngularJS. This article is also continuation of best javascript frameworks 2017.

ReactJS vs AngularJS – Quick Comparison


  • Founder of ReactJS was Jorden Walke, and it is an open source. It was created in 2013.
  • ReactJS is a javascript library for developing user interface.
  • It is very useful for developing large web applications whose data changes very frequently.
  • Many popular websites use this framework. Some of them are Facebook, New York Times and Khan Academy.
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  • AngularJS was founded by Misko Hevery in 2009.
  • It is javascript MVW framework.
  • AngularJS is useful for developing highly active and interactive web applications.
  • Same as ReactJS, there are many popular websites which use angular. Those are Youtube, Freelancer and Sky Store.
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