Hi everyone, Welcome to tutorialgear.com. In my previous article we gave you a quick comparison of ReactJS vs AngularJS. Today I am going to give you another quick comparison of EmberJS vs AngularJS. You can also see best javascript frameworks 2017.

Quick comparison of EmberJS vs AngularJS


  • Founded¬†This framework originally came out by the name SproutCore ( a product of SproutIt) in 2007 and was later named Ember in 2011.
  • Size It has only 90kb net size.
  • Template Currently it is using Handlebars template engine, an extension of Mustache templating engine. HTMLBars, a new Handlebars variant is about to launch soon.
  • Websites Yahoo, Groupon and ZenDesk use Ember.js.
  • Pros One of the good points of Ember is to that, you dont have to write all your code. Most of the code Ember will do that for you. Moreover, Ember has a excellent router and an optional data layer. Another good point is that, It can easily integrate with Ruby-on-Rails.
  • Cons Its API has been changed much before it stabilized itself. There are a lot of changes in it. So that once a code is valid, after a change that may not be valid. Moreover it can break your CSS styling.
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  • Founded Angular project completed in 2009, which was the part of larger commercial product called GetAngular.
  • Size It has only 39.5kb net size.
  • Template AngularJS has very simple¬†HTML with binding expression templating engine. Those binding expressions surround with curly brackets.
  • Websites Youtube, Freelancer and Sky Store use AngularJS.
  • Pros Most importantly it has two way data binding which saves a lot of code. Moreover Google promotes AngularJS. It helps you to categorized you building block. AngularJS is very helpful in unit testing.
  • Cons Due to its complex directives API, it is often criticized. There is a new concept for the people who come from java and c#. That is Prototypal inheritence.
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