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How to get Url in Javascript – Tutorial

how to get url in javascript

In this tutorial I will show you guys how to get url in Javascript. You will learn how to get the url in a string format from browser. Also, I will teach you how to get url parameters using javascript.

Introduction to different types of Operating Systems


From the start, operating system was the major part of computers and still has the same importance in them. It is evolving with time.  Following are the main types of operating systems,

  1. Batch operating system
  2. Time sharing operating system
  3. Distributed operating system
  4. Network operating system
  5. Real time operating system

This article gives a step by step introduction to different types of operating systems along with their usage and advantages and disadvantages.

Overview of Operating System

overview of operating system

Hi there, my name is Mustafa Butt and today I am going to create a section on operating system. This section will cover all the basic learning material about operating systems. In today’s article I will be giving a short and brief overview of operating system.

Computer Architecture vs Computer Organization

computer architecture vs computer organization

Computer Architecture vs Computer Organization

Today I am going to discuss one of the most commonly asked question by computer science students, which is “What is the difference between computer architecture and computer organization?”. Furthermore, this article also contains two examples that help compare computer architecture vs computer organization.

Operators in c – ProgramLanguage

operators in c
Today I will discuss c operators.In addition, this article contains two parts. First I will define operators and then I will focus on operators in c language specifically.

Pass by Reference vs Pass by Value

pass by reference vs pass by value

In my recent articles, I have explained both concepts of parameter passing in a function. Today I am going to briefly summarize pass by reference vs pass by value approaches. At the bottom of the article I have given two examples to summarize the core difference between these two methods.

Pass by Value in C++ – ProgramBasics

pass by value

Hi there, today I am going to discuss one of the most fundamental concepts of Programming – ‘Pass by Value’. Value passing is a popular method for passing data to a functions. This article is divided in two parts. First I will give the users an overview and then we will see the detailed concept of value passing

Pass by Reference – ProgramBasics

c++ pass by reference

Hi everyone, before I discussed about the difference between classes and structures, the comparison was kept short and brief to give fresh starters a basic comparison. Today I am going to discuss one of the most fundamental concepts of Program Languages. This concept is termed “Pass by Reference” approach. This concept is frequently used in day to day coding and is also a favorite questions in IT Job Interviews


Classes vs Structures in Computer Science

classes vs structures

The topic of my today’s discussion is Classes vs Structures. In fact, I have received many requests from my sophomores to make a comparison between the two. This article is divided in two sections ( Overview and Detailed Comparison ).

File Uploading, Saving in file with unique name ,Database insert using PDO and displaying


Step 1: Creating form

Create a form which will contain a submit button and an input field of type file. It is compulsory to add enctype=”multipart/form-data” in the form tag. You need one input field of type file and a submit button