Hi everyone, hope everyone is doing great!. So today I am going to make a brief comparison of Vue.js vs AngularJS. This article is somewhat a continuation of my previous post about Top Javascript Frameworks of 2017. Before starting, allow me to lay down the different aspects that we are going to cover in this comparison.

Features Compared:

  1. Complexity
  2. Flexibility and Modularity
  3. Data Binding
  4. Directives vs Components
  5. Performance

Vue.js vs AngularJS - Brief Comparison:


When we compare both frameworks in terms of both API and design, then Vue.js comes out on top. You can literally get started with their framework, create a simple application in a day’s time. This, however, is not the case with AngularJS.

Flexibility and Modularity:

I wasn’t joking when I said it takes a day’s time to start making your own code on Vue.js. Yes, Vue.js is more flexible and does not place as many restrictions on programmers as AngularJS. Vue.js works on small modules and allows the programmers to creatively make use of these modules.

While this can be good for new developers, my personal opinion is that seasoned programmers like more structured approach where they let the framework to generate most of their code ( saves time but restricts control on code since it’s not the programmer writing it but the API generating it for the programmer)

So for experienced developers, Vue.js offers a webpack template that sets up everything for them. You can start writing your own code in minutes.

Data Binding:

AngularJs works on two-way binding, whereas Vue.js implements one-way data flow. Both approaches have their own pros and cons. Personally, I prefer two-way binding so in my opinion AngularJS wins in this aspect.

Directives vs Components:

If you have previously worked on Angular then you can relate to what I am about to say. This shit gave me a good headache. No seriously, there is alot of confusion about what directives and components are. Where and where not, to use them e.t.c

Vue has apparently tackled this issue by making a clear separation between the two. Directives are only used for DOM encapsulation and that’s it. You can’t use them anywhere else. Components on the other hand are self contained units, they have their own view and data logic which is pretty cool actually.


Vue.js is faster and performs better than AngularJS especially in regards to code optimization. AngularJS is not doubt a great framework but in performance, flexibility and in many other regards Vue.js comes out on top.