Hi everyone, welcome to tutorialgear.com. In my previous article I discussed about top general purpose code editors for python. Visual Studio Code was one of them. Today I am going to discuss about best visual studio code extensions for python 2017.

Best Visual Studio Code Extensions For Python 2017

How to install Extension

First of all, I would like to discuss about that how can you install them in your VSCode editor. There is a command palette(command-line interface) in VSCode and through this command palette you can add many extensions. Command palette will be open by typing Ctrl+Shift+P . Moreover, by typing ext install you can install extensions. I have listed down the best visual studio code extensions for python.

  • Python
  • Code Runner
  • MagicPython
  • Pygame snippets
  • Djaneiro – Django Snippets

 1. Python

python extentionPython for visual studio code is a most popular extension. The main purpose of this extension is to provide you the best python development environment. You can install it through you command palette by typing ext install python and then press enter. Moreover, it is a cross-platform which can be run in Windows, Mac and Linux. Following are the features of this extension.

  • Code Completion
  • Linting
  • Code Navigation
  • Code formatting
  • Debugging
  • Unit testing

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2. Code Runner

Code Runner is also a very powerful extension which supports many languages including python. The most useful thing about this extension is that you can select any piece of code and run that code. You can add this extension by typing ext install code-runner in command palette. The features of this extension are

  • Run selected code
  • Run custom command
  • Stop code running
  • Set default language
  • Support for REPL


3. Magic Python

magic pythonMagic Python is also a very powerful extension. Above all, its main purpose is to syntax highlighting for cutting edge in python 3 and python 2 as well. Moreover, it is supported in sublime text and atom as well. You can add it by typing ext install MagicPython in command palette. Feature of this extension are

  • Color Scheme
  • Built-in methods
  • Multiple Scope
  • Github support

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4. Pygame snippets

pygane snippetThis extension is for game development in python. Also it provide ease in developing a game. You can add this by typing ext install pygame-snippets . Features of this extention are

  • Snippets for game development
  • Code completion

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5. Djaneiro – Django Snippets

django snippetThis extension is collection of snippets for Django. These snippets include Django templates, models, views, fields & forms. This extension is very helpful in coding, you do not need to code for many things they are all pre-built. For developing web apps I think it is very good extension. You can add it by typing ext install vscode-djaneiro in command palette. Features of this extension are

  • Snippets for Django template
  • Snippet for Django model fields
  • Snippet for Django form fields
  • Python Snippets
  • Snippet for Django views