Today I am going to talk about the best javascript frameworks 2017 in the market. Before getting started however, let me share with you why I thought of writing this article. I have been doing web development for roughly 3 years now and over this period I was constantly reminded off the following facts:

  1. The world of web development is ever evolving.
  2. New front-end / back-end / scripting frameworks come out every 2 months. Some of them are good and some are not.
  3. Clients expect professionals to be familiar and up to pace with these trends. Yes!, Clients are no longer dumb founded about I.T and they rightfully want their applications to be built on latest technologies and frameworks.



Keeping this in mind I did some research and came up with a list of top 5 javascript frameworks in 2017. This article is for both newbies and also veteran javascript programmers because it is equally important for both to get updated with the latest trends.

Following is a list of the most trending javascript frameworks in 2017:

5 Most popular javascript frameworks 2017


If we are talking about the most popular js framework, then surely AngularJS tops the list as the most widely deployed framework.
AngularJS was first released in 2009. According to an analysis by there are over 503,898 live websites using angularJS at the moment. This number is only going to rise in the coming years.


ReactJS was first released in 2013 and has gained tremendous popularity in past 4 years. There are over 93,119 live websites using ReactJS at the moment. It is no doubt the second most popular js framework at the moment. ReactJs has the highest rating on GitHub at the moment ( yes! even more than angularjs). The internet is literally filled with discussions about ANGULAR vs REACTJS.

I definitely recommend developers to give it a go and see if suits their requirements.

3- Vue.js

If Angular and React are the top 2, then no doubt Vue.js takes the third spot in my list. But this spot is likely temporary. This framework was launched in 2014 and it’s popularity has been on the rise ever since. The latest version of Vue.js was released in 2016 and has absorbed all the good features of AngularJs, ReactJs and Ember. Not only that, it is much faster than both AngularJS and ReactJs – now isn’t that amazing!

You can also see the comparison of AngularJs vs Vue.js .

4- Ember.js

Developed in 2011, Ember was known as the best JS framework. Yes, even better than AngularJs and ReactJS. The reason that I rank it below the Anguar in terms of popularity is quite simple – Angular came to industry in 2009 and had a long time to develop a reputation while Ember..just hasn’t been in the market as long. Next I place ReactJS on top rather than Ember simply because it has a learning curve ( it is a bit difficult to get the hang of Ember ) whereas users can kick-start their projects on ReactJS with minimum effort.

Also see the comparison of EmberJS vs AngularJS.

5- Meteor:

This framework is a literally a meteor of features for not only front-end rendering of content but also for back-end development, database management and business logic. Meteor was released in 2012 and has since gained a huge support in online community due to it’s high speed rendering of database information on UI. Meteor is ranked 5th in my list based on the lowest count of live websites deploying it – roughly 22,498 at the moment.


So there you have it, the five most popular javascript frameworks of 2017. For beginners I would recommend ReactJS – very easy to learn and get the hang of. For a bit more experienced programmers, my personal suggestion is Vue.js. It’s new , it is on the rise and is packed with all the good features of Angular, React and Ember.

I would like readers to take note that all these frameworks are really great, they have considerable support online. I really really recommend you guys to go to their website, make some time if you are busy and simply try them out. Yes!, it’s that simple, I have listed down the names. Now it is up to you guys to find the framework which you feel is most suitable for you, your friends, your organization and environment. Best of luck! 🙂


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