Hi everyone, welcome to tutorialgear.com. In my previous article I gave you a comparison of EmberJS vs AngularJS. Today I am going to discuss about 6 best code editors for web development 2017. This article is somewhat related with one of my previous articles “top 7 front end development tools“.

Best Code Editors For Web Development

I have listed the following best code editors:

  • Visual Studio Code
  • Atom
  • Sublime Text
  • Brackets
  • Vim
  • Dreamweaver

1. Visual Studio Code

Microsoft developed visual studio code for windows, linux and macOS in 2015. VS code supports a lot of languages such as Php, javascript, C#, C++ and more. You can add plug-ins in it. It has also intelligent code completion feature for many languages such as CSS, HTML, JSON, javascript, sass and TypeScript. You can debug your code very easily in visual studio code. Moreover, It has support for Git so, you can work in team on different PCs. By using this you dont need to send you code to your team member. You just have to sync your code and it will automatically transfer to your team member and vise versa.


2. Atom

Atom was initially released on Feb 26, 2014 by Github. It is an open source code editor for Microsoft windows, linux and macOS. It has support for plug-ins of node.js. Atom is based on Atom shell, which is a framework for developing cross-platform web applications using chromium and node.js. It supports plenty of programming languages other than web related such as, C/C++, java and more.

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3. Sublime Text

Sublime Text is a cross-platform code editor. Jon Skinner developed sublime text in 2008. Like many other code editors, it also supports many languages. It has many features, above all it has ‘Goto anything’ feature in version 2, which allows users to switch within the code and also navigate to symbols. In version 3 sublime text added two main features, first one is symbol indexing and the other one is pane management. Symbol indexing facilitates the previous version’s feature “Goto anything”. Pane management is for moving between panes. You can also add git plug-in.


4. Brackets

Adobe developed Bracket on November 4, 2014, which is an open source code editor and written in HTML, CSS, and javascript. Basically it focus on web development. It is also a cross platform code editor for windows, mac and linux. The features which others dont have includes custom key combination and accurate javascript hinting. It had ability to extract design information from PSD file, but due to low usage company decided to discontinue it. Moreover, it has live preview feature.


5. Vim

Originally Vim is a clone of Bill joy’s program for unix. Bram Moolenaar wrote it in 1991. You can use it for both command line and graphical user interface. It is also free and open source editor. Main features of vim is that, you can customize it as you want. Also it has support for many plug-ins. It is difficult to use for beginners but once you get used to it, you will not work on any other code editor. One of the best features of Vim is, it has best navigating feature. There are several different mode in it and each key has different meaning in each mode.


6. Dreamweaver

dw logoBasically dreamweaver was developed by macromedia in 1997. Then adobe acquired macromedia in 2005. So now dreamweaver is part of adobe systems. It is available for windows and macOS. It is a web design and development tool having live view and other standard features such as syntax highlighting, powerful code suggestion and completion. There is a design view in it, in which you different fields, tables and whatever you want and code will be generated automatically.


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