Hi everyone, welcome to tutorialgear.com. In my previous article I discussed about 5 best jquery alternatives. Today I am going to discuss about python code editors, The 5 best python code editors 2017. And at the end I also List down other popular code editors which is not specific for python but cover many languages along with python.

5 Best Python Code Editors 2017

Following is the list of 5 best python code editors:

  • PyCharm (For commercial use)
  • Eric Python
  • PyDev
  • Wing
  • Spyder Python

1. PyCharm

JetBrains developed PyCharm in 2010. PyCharm is an IDE specifically for Python language. Like any other good IDE, the features PyCharm provides include code analysis, code completion, graphic debugger, an unit tester, supports git, and most importantly it supports web development with Django, Pyramid, web2py, google app engine and flask. Moreover, it is cross platform with windows, macOS, and linux. It has two main Editions one is, Free community and the other one is for enterprise developers.


2. Eric Python

Eric logoEric is free IDE for developing Python softwares which is itself written in python. It also supports many other languages including Ruby, which isΒ equally supported as python. Eric is also cross platform with windows, OS X, and linux. For many programs, you can use eric for front-end development. There are main 6 key features of Eric. They all are listed below.

  • GUI Designing
  • Debugging and testing
  • Project management
  • Source code editing
  • Version control
  • Integrated web browsers


3. PyDev

paydev logoBasically it is an third party plug-in for eclipse. PyDev is an IDE for Python. Aleks Totic developed PyDev in 2003. If you are an eclipse user then it will best IDE for you for code in python, but if you are not then at first it will seem difficult but believe me it will be very comfortable, once you get used to it. Before 2009 there were only two versions of PyDev, one was open source and the other one was shareware. On September 3, 2009 Aptana released a combine version of PyDev and PyDev extensions.The features of PyDev includes code complition, debugging, Goto defination, CPython and IronPython support, basic syntax highlighting and more.


4. Wing

Wingware developed Wing IDE for python in 2000.It is also cros platform. Basically, its main purpose it to reduce debugging time, coding errors, and to make easy, understandable python code. It also provide both remote and local debugging. Wing has 3 versions, basic, personal and professional. Moreover, it also supports git and you can easily integrate with git. Wing has its very powerful code intelligent. You can edit your code with multiple selection.


5. Spyder Python

spyder logoLike other IDEs it also an open source cross platform IDE for developing python based softwares. It also integrates many other python softwares. Furthermore, you can add many plugin-ins in Spyder Python. Beside that, it is supported on different plateforms, it can also be utilized as PyQt and can be embedded in PyQt applications. Its features include syntax highlighting, code completion, ability to edit and explore variables from GUI.


Other Code Editors

Moreover, there are many other code editors which support python. They are lightweight and also used for general purpose or you can say that they support many languages. But you need plugins for proper python programming. So here is the list of most commonly used ones.

  • Visual Studio Code
  • Sublime Text
  • Atom
  • Jupyter Notebook


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  1. Any of these IDEs produce exe file from python code ? And Actually Eric IDE has a GUI designer like visual studio ? is it true ? πŸ™‚