Hi everyone, welcome to tutorialgear.com. In my previous article I discussed about top 5 php frameworks of 2017. Today I am going to discussĀ  about 5 best JQuery alternatives.

5 Best JQuery Alternatives

I have experience of 3 years in web development. And according to my experience, no doubt JQuery is very powerful language but there are alternatives of JQuery. So, I have listed them down.

  • Kendo UI
  • Webix
  • Prototype
  • Dojo Toolkit
  • JQwidgets

1. Kendo UIKendoUI logo

Telerik developed Kendo UI framework in 2011 for the support of HTML5 and javascript. This framework has 70+ UI widgets which you can use in HTML5 based on JQuery, Client side data source and built-in Model-view-viewModel (MVVM). Moreover, it provides Integration of AngularJS and Bootstrap. So basically its a javascript framework for developing eye-catching web applications. In kendo UI you can find images, styles, and scripts which is very useful for developers to make very interactive web applications. Kendo UI has 3 categories Web, DataViz and Mobile. Web is for purely desktop based web application. Whereas, DataViz is the for data visualization and used for both desktop based websites and also for mobile. And the 3rd one mobile category is for only mobile based websites.


2. Webix

webix logoXB Software Ltd developed Webix. It is an javascript and HTML5 framework for developing cross platform web applications. Webix has graphical user interface (GUI), Online tools, complex widgets, navigation and editing controls and more. It shares some components with JQuery such as calendars, Dialogues and accordians. Furthermore, it is more reliable than JQuery, and you can add more functionality than JQuery in your application. It has very impressive documentation so that it is very easy to understand. Also it is very light weight.


3. Prototype

prototype logoSam Stephenson developed prototype framework in February 2005. It is used for Ajax support in Ruby on Rails. It is not as popular as JQuery but due to its usage in ruby on rails it got popularity. Javascript lacks the support for classes and class based objects, so prototype framework provides library functions to overcome this issue.


4. Dojo Toolkit

Dojo Foundation created Dojo Toolkit in 2004. Basically it is a open source javascript toolkit. It has many widget such as sortable tables, 2D vector drawings, animated effects and more. It also enhanced the asynchronous communication of the browser with server. Dojo storage is a service of dojo toolkit which allow users to store data on client side. Dojo included server side storage in 2007 having CsvStore, opml store, YahooStore, Delicious Store, and Rdf store. Moreover, you can use dojo toolkit in javascript based addobe (AIR).


5. JQwidgets

JQwidgets logoJQwidgets developed by JQwidgets Ltd. in September 2011. It is a software framework having many specifications. First of all, as it is evident from the name, so it has more than 60 widgets, input validation, drag and drop plug-in, themes and more. Moreover, it has been integrated with many other frameworks and web technologies such as AngularJS, WordPress, Joomla, Bootstrap etc. So its main purpose is to make responsive and fast web applications.